Console makers sued over game controller tech

In yet another high profile patent case, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are being sued by Texan firm Fenner Investments over alleged infringement of technology used in game controllers.

The patent for a ‘Low-Voltage Joystick Port Interface’ describes an analogue stick which outputs to a digital signal and is found in the majority of controllers for home consoles.

“Each of the Defendants’ acts of infringement has caused damage to Fenner, and Fenner is entitled to recover from each Defendant the damages sustained by Fenner as a result of the individual acts,” the lawsuit reads.

The company is seeking injunctions against the continued sale of controllers from all three companies, along with damages, interest and legal fees.

The patent was originally filed in 1998 and later granted in 2001.

Both Sony and Microsoft have faced a similar lawsuit in the past, when Immersion Corporation sued the two companies over the rumble technology in PS2 and Xbox game pads. Microsoft settled out of court with Immersion, but Sony continues to dispute Immersion’s case.


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