Conroy Says Figures Back NBN

  • NBN will make high-speed broadband cheap
  • Will cause true competition amongst ISP providers
  • Believes Australia can do better with pricing

The Minister for Broadband, Stephen Conroy, says new statistics released by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) further highlight the need for the National Broadband Network (NBN).

Conroy said the latest statistics confirm once again that Australians pay more for broadband than people in most other OECD countries. After taking a few hits this week from the ABC’s Four Corners documentary on the NBN, it is no wonder the Minister is on the offensive, and he believes that these statistics back up his argument.

"These OECD statistics are further evidence that Australia cannot afford to stand idly by with our ageing copper network and sub-standard broadband services," Senator Conroy said. "The NBN will provide Australia with world-class broadband infrastructure. It will open up a genuine choice of services and drive competitive prices for consumers, whether they live in a capital city or in regional, rural or remote areas."

While being the third most expensive

  • 3rd most expensive for very low-speed connections (out of 24 countries)
  • 14th most expensive for high-speed connections (out of 33 countries); and
  • 12th most expensive for very high-speed connections (out of 28 countries)

Being 12th and 14th in two respective ‘expensive’ categories hardly backs up Conroy’s assertion. Even being the 3rd most expensive in low-speed connections is hardly a brickbat when you consider the number of people who are hooked up the internet in such a manner.

Senator Conroy said the recent passage through both Houses of Parliament of the National Broadband Network Companies Bills 2010 and the Telecommunications Legislation Amendments (National Broadband Network Measures-Access Arrangements Bill 2011) will further assist in reducing broadband prices for all Australians.

"The Government expects retail prices for high speed broadband services offered on the NBN will be both affordable and very competitive for all Australians no matter where they live," Conroy said.