Conficker Keeps People Guessing

Nothing has happened yet, but people are still waiting in anticipation to see what the Conficker virus has in store for their PC.

April 1 has rolled around in this part of the world and still no word from Conficker, the dormant virus that has infected approximately 3 million computers, but has yet to do any damage.

Experts have managed to figure out ‘something’ is due to happen on this date, but as of this writing, it’s business as usual. However, it is not yet April Fool’s Day in the US, which some feel will get the brunt of any nasty surprises.

On social networking site Twitter, the theories are coming thick and fast – from some believing it is an April Fool’s joke (ie the virus is benign) to those who are frantically downloading anti-virus software in the event that their computer will be infected. Most people seem pretty blasé about the bug and are convinced nothing will happen.

As far as threats go, it is pretty serious if it turns out to be malignant. Infecting such a large number of computers is bound to have an adverse affect on an already volatile marketplace. This time tomorrow, all should be revealed.