Computer blamed for airplane malfunction

Authories are blaming a computer malfunction for the mid-air emergency on a Qantas jet that injured more than 50 people on Tuesday.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau said there were irregularities in the computer equipment onboard the Qantas jet which forced an emergency landing, injuring 54 passengers.

13 people were airlifted to Perth with serious injuries as a result of the emergency landing. Eight people were still being treated for spinal, neck and shoulder injuries but in a stable condition, said Andy Robertson, director of disaster management at Western Australia’s Health Department.

According to the bureau, the plane, carrying 313 passengers and crew from Singapore to Perth, climbed 300ft before abruptly plunging nose-down.

Passenger Mike Moir said it felt like going over a waterfall.

“It was pandemonium. It lasted 10 to 12 seconds. The plane then levelled out and there was another minor drop a few seconds later.” said Moir.

Injuries caused by the accident have led to calls for an awareness campaign about wearing seatbelts in airplanes by Ian Woods, president of the Australian and International Pilots Association.

Source: The Australian