The Healing Leaf heals you…somehow.

It’s called a “Healing Leaf”. Yup, we’re as confused as you are on this one.

Sega Toys may well have lost their mind with the launch of a new gadget named…

The Healing Leaf.

Here’s the quote for the win…

“The Healing Leaf contains a sensor and software which can detect the voice from the atmosphere and take the corresponding actions.

“If you have secrets or problems, just talk with this little plant, the leafs will listen to you and give you some responds and ideas. “

Riiiiiggghhhht. I’d love to know just what ideas they can give me.

If I get shot, will it tell me to water myself and get better naturally like it does? If my pet goldfish dies, will it tell me that it is a superior pet and that the goldfish was on its way out anyway?

I’m just so confused. What is a “Healing Leaf” and how does this help me?

Source: Brando (HK)