Compact Speakers With Big Sound

  • Amps are compact
  • Bluetooth-enabled receivers
  • Receivers have built-in DAB+ tuner

JVC’s line-up of DRVN amplifiers has been designed to fit in today’s compact car interiors.  The three amplifiers feature a MOS-FET power supply and output stage, low-frequency sound performance, specifically tuned to the DRVN CS-GD1200 woofers, and increased dynamic power.

The KS-AX3102 2-Channel (65watt x 2 RMS) 400W amplifier, the KX-AX3104 4-Channel (60watt x 4 RMS) 800W amplifier and the KS-AX3101D Mono (250 x 1 RMS) 800W Class D amplifier have all been designed for proven performance, whatever your ride.

This series includes five new models, as well as a new component set that all feature carbon mica woofers for high SPL, hybrid cloth/rubber surround and wide range PEI midrange/tweeter.

JVC’s CS-VS607 is a 6½-inch two-way component speaker set and is supported by five coaxial speakers, which make up the range, including the CS-V6947, a 350W 6×9-inch four-way speaker, the CS-V6937, a 310W 6×9-inch three-way speaker, the CS-V627, a 230W 6½-inch two-way speaker, the CS-V527 5¼-inch two-way speaker and the CS-V427, a 4-inch two-way speaker. 

For bass that’s hard to beat, JVC’s DRVN subwoofers set the standard with two new designs engineered to work in enclosures as small as .75 cubic feet.

Also available is the dual voice coil 12-inch subwoofer with a butyl rubber surround for max power.  The dual voice coil features a 1.774kg strontium magnet and the unit has 1400W peak/400W RMS for maximum sound.

The second subwoofer in the range, the 12-inch CS-G1200, features a single voice coil with urethane surround for fastest response.  The single voice coil features a 1.1kg strontium magnet and it has 1200W peak/250W RMS.

The KD-DB56 features a built in DAB+ tuner for access to all the radio stations you already know plus up to 18 digital-only stations catering to every interest including chill, country, comedy, new music, dance, jazz and current affairs.  The KD-DB56 is Bluetooth-ready via an adapter and provides two-way iPhone/iPod control and charging.  It also features separated variable-colour illumination which lights up the control section and LCD display separately to match the lights on your dashboard.

The top of the line KD-R926BT CD receiver features front and rear dual direct USB 2.0 connection, two-way control and charging for iPhones and iPods.  The Bluetooth technology (via the supplied USB Bluetooth adapter) allows you to make and receive phone calls directly through the receiver without having to take your hands off the wheel. This unit and the KD-R826BT also come with connection to two phones – when receiving a call, a different illuminated colour blinks to distinguish each phone – perfect for business and private phones.

The KD-R926BT CD receiver also features a flip-down faceplate with Full Dot LCD display with separated variable-colour illumination and three 5.0V pre-out terminals.  The new MySound EQ and Advanced DSP Time Alignment, as well as high pass and low pass filters give the receiver tuning options so you can flick to talkback or your preferred music station.

The JVC KD-R826BT CD receiver also features Bluetooth technology and controls for iPhone and iPod so your device will stay charged while listening to audio from apps such as internet radio, turn by turn navigation apps or even YouTube.

Both the  KD-R626 and KD-R526 CD receivers are Bluetooth ready via an adapter and provide two-way iPhone/iPod control and charging while the KD-R626 features a separated variable-colour illumination which lights up the control section and LCD display separately.

The JVC KD-R326 CD receiver features a front auxiliary input, six station hard key presets and is Bluetooth ready via the optional KS-BTA100K Bluetooth adapter.


CS-V427               $55
CS-V527               $65
CS-V627               $75
CS-V6937             $99
CS-V6947             $129
CS-VS607             $149

CS-G1200             $139
CS-GD1200          $179

KS-AX3102          $179
KS-AX3104          $229
KS-AX3101D       $249

KD-R326               $149
KD-R526               $199
KD-R626               $229
KD-DB56              $349
KD-R826BT          $349
KD-R926BT          $399
KS-BTA100K        $129