Bringing Life to Petz

Ubisoft puts Petz in the hands of kids who will bring to life fantasy creatures.

Ubisoft has announced Petz Fantasy, a new take on the Petz brand to launch on Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi on May this year.

For the first time kids aged 6 to 11 will be able to bring to life up to 20 unique fantasy creatures, such as a unicorn, a bishroom, a dragon or a moosy.

Throughout the game, players will progressively learn about their Fantasy Petz’s personality while working to fulfill their needs and help them acquire special magic powers through fun mini-games. It may sound easy but watch out. The Fantasy Petz have surprising mannerisms and only children can enter into Magia, the Petz Fantasy magic world.
The game begins with a mysterious egg – which Fantasy Petz will emerge? No one knows. But, from the dragon to the unicorn. Each Fantasy Petz has its own tastes and needs. The dragon craves spicy fare but the unicorn won’t reward the player for sprinkling hot sauce on her candy.

Playing and taking care of those unpredictable fantasy creatures will be a rich and rewarding experience, claims Ubisoft.

Gaining their trust will not be simple but is essential. Beyond just nurturing and caring for their Petz, players will have fun playing with them. By training their creatures well, they will enable them to properly use their magic powers. But do not be surprised if the Fantasy Petz morphs into a strange piece of furniture – the Petz are just a little bit apprehensive of the adult world and tend to hide when confronted with unexpected situations.

In the fantastic world of Magia, every Petz will grow into a stunning creature with magic powers including fire, flight, ice or ultra-speed. Players will progressively discover their friends’ magic powers and train them to win mini-games. Together, they will have to avoid a wide range of dangers, collect rewards and navigate through obstacles using the Nintendo DS stylus. But always keep in mind that the best Petz will not only be the most skillful and fastest one, but also the happiest creature!