Community-built MMO in the works

David Perry, founder of Shiny Entertainment, is to produce an massively multiplayer online game built by, and for, games players.

Acclaim Games will publish the PC title, currently dubbed Top Secret, after Perry has chosen the player who has made the most significant contribution to the development process – and awarded him or her a ‘videogame industry directorship’.

“This is the only chance I know of to jump-start a directorship career in the videogame industry,” said Perry.

“I’ve always loved the idea that someone, from their bedroom, reveals their passion and talent, then suddenly can have an absolutely stunning career explosion, becoming a famous game director with a pre-built fan base. We’re going to make it happen,” he said.

Perry will act as the executive producer on the game, and the person chosen for the directorship will be awarded with royalties from the finished product.

Other contributors will receive a credit in the final game and applicants are not required to have any prior knowledge of the game development process.


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