Coating To Protect Phones From Water Hazards

  • Costs $99 per device
  • Coats inside and outside of device
  • Water-repellent technology

A new protect from the United States, Liquipel, is said to protect every feature of a device with a water safe shield that the company says doesn’t compromise the look, feel or performance of a phone or tablet.

Liquipel is available on a range of the latest smartphones and tablets at several retailers around Australia including Fone Zone, Next Byte, as well as 84 selected Telstra Shops and Telstra Business Centres. Alternatively, customers can order the Liquipel experience on many of their existing devices.

Liquipel is a process that applies a water-safe coating to the inside and outside of a device to deliver protection against damage caused by accidental contact with water. Invisible to the human eye, this nano-sized shield won’t compromise the look, feel or performance of your electronics.  The coating is permanently bonded to the device at the molecular level, meaning you can enjoy the benefits of Liquipel for the life of the device.

Liquipel is a water-repellent technology applied though a proprietary process that starts by placing devices into the chamber of the Liquipel machine. The machine removes air to create a vacuum and a special formula is then introduced as a vapour. The vapour permeates the entire device, inside and out. Liquipel is said to bond to the device on a molecular level, making your device permanently water safe.

$99 per device

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