Cloud Back Up With Hitachi Storage

  • Storage device provides cloud backup
  • Uses 3D technology to display files
  • Automatically lists content chronologically

Hitachi GST has released the LifeStudio family of storage devices designed for data protection with content organisation, management, socialisation and navigation for both local and online content.

“These drives aren’t just about interfaces and capacity, or backup,” said Robert Chu, vice president, Asia Pacific, Hitachi G. “While these elements are important in an external storage solution, the value comes in creating lifestyle solutions that become part of the way we organise and relive digital memories.”

The LifeStudio family, offered in both portable and desktop models, automatically pulls in, organises and protects stored digital content – photos, videos, music and documents – and unifies it with online digital content from social networks such as Facebook and photo sites such as Flickr and Picasa Web Albums.

Digital content is laid out in chronological order on a 3D visual wall, instead of in random and hard-to-find files and folders, creating an organised catalogue. Redefining backup, consumers receive the benefits of both local and cloud backup within one single application, making it easy to view, download, and share protected cloud content from any web browser, anywhere.

Hitachi claims research has shown that organisation is one of the most frustrating components of a consumer’s digital life and Hitachi is cleaning up the “digital mess” with the LifeStudio family of drives.

After a quick install of the software, the drive’s technology kicks in. Content – photos, videos, music and documents stored on your computer, any connected USB storage device or online sites such as Facebook, Flickr and Picasa Web Albums – automatically begins to appear in chronological order on the 3D wall. Music is organised by artist or album. No more searching through files and folders.

The Hitachi LifeStudio drive also provide local and online cloud backup integrated into one single solution, within one install process. Hitachi Backup is simple and easy-to-use with default options that cover virtually every Mac or PC users’ backup needs. When using Hitachi’s cloud service, all content is stored in its natural format (no proprietary formatting), so files are protected and easy to view, download and share from any web browser, anywhere, even from an iPhone and iPad.

Backup runs every 30 minutes or can be scheduled at one’s convenience. Every customer receives 3GB of online storage for free and for more storage there is an option to upgrade to 250GB for only US$49 per year, which includes multiple computer protection.

LifeStudio Mobile: 320GB $119, 500GB $149
LifeStudio Mobile Plus: 320GB $149, 500GB $179
LifeStudio Desk: 1TB $159, 2TB $249
LifeStudio Desk Plus: 1TB $189, 2TB $279.99