Cleaning Bots Invade Our Home

By Branko Miletic in Berlin

  • Standalone cleaning device
  • Dust collection cartridge too small
  • Uses dual camera technology

With its combination of camera, and ultrasonic and infrared sensors, the LG Hom-Bot robotic dust buster is designed to find its way into every nook and corner of your floors, making cleaning into an effortless job.

Most robotic cleaners are dynamic, space-aware devices that need to move in a three- dimensional environment, and the LG one does just that. To handle the many kinds of cleaning kinds of demands, the Hom-Bot uses in-built intelligence and sensory systems.

Using its dual-camera sensors, the Hom-Bot navigates around the area to be cleaned by calculating many times per second the best path for maximum cleaning. And since Hom-Bot remembers where it has been, it cleans faster and more efficiently than other robotic cleaners on the market, claims to LG.

It is claimed that is has low noise levels of up to 60dB. The only thing that is of some concern is the tiny dust collection cartridge, which looks like the Hom-Bot is only suitable for homes that are already sparkling clean. And along with its Samsung rival, reports from users have come back saying that these devices are not that good with pet hair and uneven surfaces.