Cheap Internet For Seniors

By Mike Wheeler

  • Seniors find internet expensive
  • Seniors want more out of internet
  • Plans aimed at over 55s

A recent study undertaken by the Department of Health and Aging shows that while almost 50 percent of those aged 55 plus have little or no interest in the Internet, 53 percent said their interest in the internet was moderate or above but the cost was prohibitive to some.

Titled, Older Australians and the Internet: Bridging the Digital Divide, the survey also found that a significant number of elderly Australians recognised that the internet could help their lives, but they did not know how to use the service and felt isolated because they couldn’t get the most out of the service.

With that in mind, ispOne, a wholesaler of telecommunications services, has rolled out Oneseniors aimed directly at the elderly. The company believes it can educate seniors in ways to not only make their understanding of the technology easier, but also help those out on tight budgets. When signing up to OneSeniors, customers need to enter their date of birth.  This is then checked with their full name in their credit check.  If the date of birth does not match their name, then the file will come and the data would need to be looked at so they can be found in the credit check system.

Products available for seniors on these plans include mobile broadband, ADSL broadband, home phone and mobile phone.

IspOne claims the service is one of the best and has included some price comparisons (see below). Bear in mind that you also need to ask if there are additional charges such as connection fees and data usage charges on some plans. These data usage charges relate to the amount of time you spend on the internet, especially using a mobile plan. Most broadband plans slow upload and download speeds on the internet if you exceed your monthly limit, whereas mobile plans usually start charging you by the megabyte once you exceed your allowance.

Cheap Plans     ADSL2              Data                Modem Cost               Contract
OneSeniors         Yes                   Unlimited          $16.95 shipping             $49.95/24 mnths
Telstra                 Yes                   5GB                 $24.95 + shipping           $63.90/24 mnths
Optus                  Yes                   5GB                 $0                                   $50/24mnths

Budget Plan       Fee                  Local Calls    Calls To Mob.               Flagfall
One Seniors         $20                  $0.30                $0.18                              $0.00
Telstra                  $22.95              $0.30               $025                               $0.45

$30 Plan               Cost                Local Calls     STD (per min)             Calls to Mob.
OneSeniors          $30                   $0.20               $0.18                              $0.35
Telstra                   $31.95              $0.22               $0.20                             $0.36
Optus                    $29.95              $0.30               $0.80                             $0.80

Medium User     Cost                Local Calls     STD (per min)            Calls to Mob
OneSeniors           $40                  Unlimited           $0.18                            $0.33
Telstra                   $49.95              Unlimited          $0.00                            $0.36
Optus                    $49.95              $0.30               $0.80                            $0.80

Unlimited Plan    Cost                Local Plan      Calls to Mob              Flagfall
OneSeniors           $60                   Unlimited          $0.33                           $0.00
Telstra                   $89.95              Unlimited          $0.36                           $0.45

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