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I told you I was obsessed with gadgets. I really meant it. So just to prove it to you, here are some more gadgets from the land of CES to whet those salivating glands of yours…

I told you I was obsessed with gadgets. I really meant it. So just to prove it to you, here are some more gadgets from the land of CES to whet those salivating glands of yours…

For those who love their phone and love to spend money on their phone, you might be wondering where can I get a phone that truly exudes style. I would point you in the direction of style geniuses Band & Olufsen who worked with Samsung for the Serene (their last mobile phone) and are doing it again on the new Serenata. I have no idea what this will cost but I will say that wow… just… yeah… go see it. Shiny and black and very schmick would be the first things my mouth would say. That and drool… but we won’t get into that.

If you’re finding it hard to pick a firewall or maybe you still have no idea what a firewall is then you might want to check out the Yoggie Firestick Pico. It’s more or less a computer on a USB stick that intercepts all communications going in or out of your computer and might be easier for some people to feel secure with if they frequent internet cafes.

Now who with a laptop doesn’t know what it’s like just running out of battery power when you need it?

Voltaic Systems have come up with an interesting solution in the form of a laptop bag complete with a 14-watt solar panel so you can charge your laptop. It’s called the Generator and while not the most inexpensive of bags, it could be a good buy if you’re determined to be the most green geek out there or you hate running out of power.

Yesterday I showed you the Ediface, a new thing for your guitar that would let you plug in your real guitar and essentially play Guitar Hero with your very own. Well, today I show you Guitar Wizard which is different again although some could see it as being very similar.

Guitar Wizard is a system for your computer that will have you plug your guitar into your computer and run a piece of software that can teach you how to play guitar as well as read music by way of a Guitar Hero-esque game. Follow the colours and patterns… or something to that effect. Early reports of people playing it suggest it does actually work in teaching people how to play guitar so this will be something to look at if you’ve been hankering to be the next Hendrix, Clapton, or Setzer.

And for the drummers out there, you haven’t been forgotten either with the Synthesia Mandala. This is a drum pad for your computer that can be set up to act as if playing a full drum set. So that’s one pad for a 5 or 7 piece drum kit. Pretty nifty people.

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Finally, Heineken have been working with Krups and are bringing this electronic keg-fridge to market in America. It’s the BeerTender and it’ll grab a 5 litre Heineken keg and keep it tasting fresh while cold for about a month. I’ve never seen it in Australia (though I’ve also never actually looked for it) so if it is here, brilliant and if it’s not… well write to Heineken and Krups to get them to get it here. That is if you like your Beer.

I’ll try to contain myself with all the other sweet stuff CES is bringing and while CES is drawing to a close, I’ll be back throughout the weekend and next week to give you an idea what more cool stuff we keep seeing.

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