CES brings Smart TV to our homes

In 2011, consumers will get to know a new phrase- ‘Smart TV’, meaning the humble box will never be the same.

Now with apps, Internet and Skype connectivity, the TV is morphing into what it was always supposed to be- the centre of a home’s entertainment.

LG was first cab off the rank with its the easy use LG’s Smart TV and the TVs’ Smart Share function, allowing users to wirelessly stream content from compatible devices for viewing on their television screen.

With Smart Share, users can also directly transfer stored content from their PC, and access simultaneous metadata – including actor profiles and plot synopses – about whatever movie they’re watching, says LG.

Samsung and Sharp have also jumped into the Smart TV fray with Sharp pushing the largest Quattron LCD ever at 70-inches and Samsung taking the opportunity to invite everyone to "join in" its Smart TV platform.

Panasonic has added the fun of Skype to its Blu-ray and Viera range and of course Sony is pushing its Bravia and the associated Apps that go with it. But that’s not the only thing Sony is doing with TV.

Sony CEO Howard Stringer was quoted at CES as saying that the future of video entertainment will be driven by 3D content, Internet connectivity, and the ability to consume media across multiple devices.

Moreover, Sony's strategy for advancing 3D technology is moving beyond the theater and into the living room, Stringer explained, and the next step is to make 3D more "personal" for consumers—with 3D camcorders, 3D laptops, and enabling portable 3D viewing experiences.

He noted the importance of providing better tools for 3D production- for both consumers and professionals.

Stringer also pointed out that achieving this Holy Grail of convergence of Internet connectivity and television is another key part of the company's strategy, which apparently will focus on Qriocity, the company's on-demand media store.

And speaking of 3D, Toshiba, amongst others, is trying to convince all of us that 3D will look OK without those clunky glasses, but it’s the Apps for TV’s that are interesting here- much like smartphones, the world of Apps is moving forward to giant leaps and bounds which will mean great things for both consumers as well as advertisers.