CES 2016: Parrot’s self-watering flowerpot finally coming to market

Parrot's self-watering flowerpot, simply referred to as the Parrot Pot, is finally set to hit stores starting April this year at a recommended retail price of USD$99 (approximately AUD$140, excluding GST). The Parrot Pot fits two litres of soil, 2.2 litres of water in a dedicated reservoir, and boasts four integrated monitoring systems. These measure soil moisture, temperature, sunlight, and soil acidity.

When the Pot detects low soil moisture, it will automatically water the plant in question, based on its needs. For most varieties, this should last around a month. When it comes to temperature, sunlight, and soil acidity, the Pot's companion app will provide the user with a suggested course of action, such as moving the plant or adding more fertiliser.

The Pot's companion app contains a database of over 7,000 plants, and will provided tailored advice based on the variety in question.

A Parrot spokesperson told CyberShack that the Pot showcased last year was simply a prototype, and that the company is now ready to take the finalised product to market.

Local pricing and availability has yet to be confirmed.

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