CES 2016: Parrot Disco is a massive drone that flies at 80 km per hour

The Parrot Disco is a brand new drone from connected device manufacturer Parrot, perhaps best known for its smartphone-controlled unmanned aerial vehicles.

Boasting a one metre wingspan, Parrot says the Disco is the world's first "ready to fly fix-winged drone". Users launch it by throwing it in the air, after which it is constantly moving. Unlike Parrot's other drones, the Disco can't simply hover in one spot. When returning the drone from flight, it can either land like a plane or circle down around a designated spot.

The Disco is able to fly at 80km per hour, and should get about 45 minutes of flight time per charge. The new drone can be controller with a smartphone, tablet, or Parrot's existing Skycontroller, but a Parrot spokesperson told CyberShack that either a tablet or Skycontroller are the best option when it comes to range. With the Skycontroller, the Disco has almost a 2km range. This drops to 350 metres with a tablet, and even further with a smartphone.

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