CES 2016: Dog & Bone expands smart lock family with keyless Bluetooth travel padlock

Australian accessory manufacturer Dog & Bone is set to expand its family of Bluetooth smart locks with a keyless "smart" travel padlock. Dubbed LockSmart Travel, the padlock is unlocked through a companion app available for Android and iOS, rather than a key.

LockSmart Travel will use same companion app as the rest of Dog & Bone's LockSmart family. The app is able to simultaneously manage multiple smart locks, and allows the owner to share access with other users without the need to physically be at the lock’s location.

"LockSmart Travel is much more than a standard padlock and puts frequent travellers at ease knowing their belongings are safe and secure," said Dog & Bone co-founder Maria Ranchod. "No small keys to carry around from flight to flight, and access can be given to anyone in the world with the press of a button."

While LockSmart Travel is keyless for the end-user, it is TSA approved. As such, customs officials are able to open it without the need for the companion app or authorisation from the lock's owner.

Since LockSmart Travel is smaller than the other locks in Dog & Bone's family, Ranchod told CyberShack that users will likely have to recharge it once per year. A concealed micro USB port is used for charging.

Dog & Bone is looking to launch LockSmart Travel in the second quarter of 2016. Pricing has yet to be confirmed.

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