CES 2016: Arlo Q is a wired version of Netgear’s popular smart home camera

In less than a year, Netgear's Arlo smart home security camera has become one of Australia's most popular consumer-grade home monitoring solutions. Now, Netgear is getting ready to grow the family with a second camera, the Arlo Q.

Arlo Q trades the original Arlo's (now referred to as Arlo Wire-Free) completely wireless, battery-driven lineage for beefed-up, mains-powered capabilities. While this means users need to constantly keep Arlo Q plugged into a power outlet, Netgear Senior Product Line Manager for Arlo Greg Falgiano told CyberShack this enables features that just weren't possible with the Arlo Wire-Free.

"Because we have power all of the time, we're not worried about battery," said Falgiano.  "We can do more things like high definition 1080p video, 4MP stills, and continuous recording."

"Now you have a great balance between a flexible camera that you can take out doors and setup like the Arlo Wire-Free, and a nice indoor solution like the Arlo Q."

The Arlo Q also enables two-way audio, with each camera featuring a small speaker and microphone. Falagiano said this would allow pet owners to talk to their animal while on holiday, for example.

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