CES 2015: Temp Traq is a Bluetooth enabled sticker

Blue Spark's Temp Traq is a single-use sticker that can monitor the temperature of a baby for up to 24 hours, relaying the information to a companion app via Bluetooth. Temp Traq is designed as a medical device that can be place on a baby if a fever is suspected, allowing the user to check their child's temperature without disturbing their sleep. 

Arguably, the most interesting thing about Temp Traq is the printable, incredibly low voltage battery that powers it. Given the battery's tiny form-factor, a Blue Spark spokesperson suggested that such technology could also be used it wearable devices such as fitness trackers.

Blue Spark was unable to confirm pricing or availability, but are aiming to start selling Temp Traq in the first quarter of this year. Each pack will come with one sticker. Temp Traq is currently pending FDA approval. Temp Traq is compatible with iOS and Android devices. 

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