CES 2012: The Mouse Has Been Killed In A Blink

By Branko Miletic

The Tobii Gaze interface uses a combination of eye gaze and touch pad to enable all seven primary touch commands of Windows 8 (e.g., activate, select, zoom, scroll, etc.) in a way that is claimed to be more natural, efficient and precise than any other control when used on laptops and desktops.

The Tobii Gaze interface uses eye tracking technology for pointing and the touch pad for giving commands and fine-tuning when necessary. This makes Gaze s suitable way to point on the Windows 8 start screen as well as in environments that require high precision.

With Gaze the Windows Expose feature can be applied not only to open windows, but to browsing generally. Gaze enhances this feature and makes the selection process instant and fast allowing you to overview and browse files and information in a second, claims the manufacturer.

You get an instant overview of open windows and objects and selecting gets as fast as your glance. With Gaze this feature can apply to any layer or interface, to individual program and selecting tab, slide, sheet or browsing giving a smooth and consistent user interface.

Not only can you control your interface instantly with your gaze but the computer also becomes more adaptive, which then opens up for new and functions and features. All I can say is gamers watch out!


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