Caught On Tape: Teacher Loses Plot

  • Teacher loses plot in classroom
  • Recorded by student in class
  • Teacher led away in handcuffs

A teacher in Nashville Tennessee has been caught on video losing it as kids in his class refuse to listen to him.

High school teacher Donald Wood was having problems controlling his classroom, so decided to take drastic action by upturning a desk, throwing a bin and then throwing a desk through the class window.

After the kids had refused to be quiet, Wood said " If you can be absolutely quiet…if you can shut your mouth…you can shut your mouth and you can listen in absolute silence…do you know why? Cause I have the absolute…"

"Power?" screams one of the youths.

"I've got it, and I know it," the teacher replies. "And guess who else knows it?"

Then the smashing up began. Back in the day, kids had a lot more respect, but more importantly from Wood’s aspect, they didn’t have mobile phones that could record a teacher having a meltdown. We fear this will not be the first or last time we’ll see teachers appearing on the net having had enough of Gen Z spoiled brats. Maybe the term ‘going postal’ will be replaced by ‘going teacher’ when it comes to somebody losing the plot.

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