Catstacam lets your cat post to Instagram

Pet food manufacturer Mars Petcare today announced the Whiskas Catstacam, a collar-worn camera that allows cats to post their own photos to Instagram. The wireless Instagram-enabled camera takes a photo every 20 seconds to capture images from the cat's point of view. If the cat is stationary, the camera will only take a photo every 10 minutes.

The Catstacam is actually a modified Android Smartwatch running a custom operating system. Users are able to connect to it wirelessly and review photos before they are shared on Instagram.

“We constantly receive calls from people wanting to know why their cats behave in a certain way. With the cat phenomenon online creating further intrigue, people are even more fascinated to know what this behaviour means and what their cats get up to when left at home alone”, said Sylvia Burbery, MARS Petcare Australia's Managing Director. 

At present, Mars Petcare only has a limited number of prototype Catstacams, and has yet to discuss wider availability. A Mars Petcare spokesperson told CyberShack that 15 devices are currently in the wild. Photos from these can be viewed using #Catstacam on Instagram.

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