Cases Deflect Smartphone Radiation

  • Said to take radiation away from body
  • Come in a range of colours
  • Available for iPhone, HTC and Samsung handsets

United States-based company, Pong, has invented a case for smartphones and tablets that it says has been scientifically proven to deflect radiation from the user.

The company also claims that these iPhone, iPad, Samsung, HTC and Blackberry cases, have the ability to increase battery life and improve reception. The company says the secret behind the technology is the antenna built into the cases, which redirects the radiation away from the head and body so that less radiation is absorbed.

The cases are made from Lexan, a plastic that is known for its unbreakable properties. NASA uses this type of plastic to make space helmets.

In addition to providing protection for a phone from damage, the cases come in loads of vibrant colours and stand out, says the company.

The Pong Research cases will be available on the Australian market at the beginning of July 2012. The cases will be available online and at 27 Platinum Communication locations, with other retail outlets to be announced.

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