Bottle Opener For iPhone

  • Won’t scratch iPhone
  • Zero load on the iPhone when opening bottles
  • Comes in black or white

True story – somebody has invented an iPhone 4 case that doubles as a bottle opener. Entrepreneurs Rob Ward and Chris Peters created the ‘Opena Case’ – the World’s first iPhone4 case with a slide out opener, believing there was a market for blokes with iPhones who also like to drink a lot of beer.

The Opena’s design combines a slide-out bottle opener with an iPhone case – made from polycarbonate and stainless steel – that promises protected your beloved phone whilst cracking a cold one.

“The idea for the Opena Case came to us one afternoon when we were out kicking back drinking a few beers,” says Opena Case co-founder Rob Ward. “Some people have bottle openers on their key rings, but many times you don’t always have your keys with you, especially when having a few drinks. So we thought, why not put a bottle opener into an iPhone case?”

Working to three criteria the Opena Case was designed to ensure:

  • the case is slim and looks great when not opening beers
  • there is no chance of the Opener scratching the iPhone, and
  • the Opena Case keeps your iPhone safe

Then, using rigorous testing that included opening shaken up beers without any damage, the Opena Case proved to be the beer lover’s ultimate accessory.

When launching Opena Case, Ward and Peters were faced with considerable production costs, so they called for the public to pre-order an Opena Case on the crowd funding Atotal of 578 backers pledged $28,303 in just 30 days so production could go ahead.