B&O’s first pair of wireless earbuds are hella classy and almost AUD$400

Bang & Olufsen is now selling its first pair of wireless earbuds through its fashion-forward B&O Play sub-brand. Referred to as the Beoplay H5, the svelte buds weigh just 18g and are free of the bulky adornments typically found on wireless earphones. The H5's buds clip together magnetically when resting around one's neck, and are joined together by a braided textile cord "inspired by the materials used for making sneakers".

"When designing earphones to be worn in the inner ear for many hours, comfort is the most important factor," said designer Jakob Wagner. "The human ear is a delicate and fascinating part of the body, and I wanted to honour that and take care for it to make Beoplay H5 sit beautifully in the outer ear and blend in naturally. Soft and yet precise."

From a technical perspective, the Beoplay H5 offers around five hours of playback per charge, and takes two hours to refill from flat to full. Users charge the H5 via a proprietary magnetic cradle, rather than through a microUSB port (as typically found on other wireless earbuds). The buds are powered by a 6.4mm electro-dynamic driver. Using the ToneTouch companion app, users are able to create a customised sound profile (or EQ) which is then saved to the headphones.

The Beoplay H5 is available through Bang & Olufsen stores nationally now, at an asking price of AUD$389. Customers have a choice of black or "dusty rose".

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