Bluetooth Functionality With Latest Panasonic Cordless Phones

  • Use phones even during black out
  • Extended range feature
  • Extended recording feature for voice mails

Panasonic’s latest range of cordless phones offer Link 2 Mobile function with Bluetooth, location-free range extending repeater, talking caller ID and intelligent eco mode.

The 672 Series incorporates an anti-blackout feature, the ‘Power Failure Talk System’; ‘Smart Top Key’ function, and ‘Long Range Clear Sound’ error correction technology.

Key Features of the 765 Series include the aforementioned Link 2 Mobile function with Bluetooth whereby two mobile phones in the home can be linked to the 765 Series so calls can be taken from the cordless handset. This feature gives users the freedom of using their mobile phone with the convenience and comfort of a home phone.

The Location Free Range Extending Repeater feature works to extend the phone’s operating range. When installed in the home, the repeater station will retransmit the signal to extend the range up to double the distance. The 765 Series also allows users to adjust the tone equaliser, to low, normal and high.

The 765 Series also includes the talking caller ID, a feature that lets you hear who is calling so you never have to rush for the handset again.

The energy saving Intelligent Eco Mode automatically reduces the handset power consumption by detecting when the handset is near the base unit.

The entry-level 672 Series has an enhanced anti-blackout feature, the ‘Power Failure Talk System’, allowing users to continue a phone call even during a blackout. The new built-in backup device in the base unit ensures that there is no interruption to phone conversations when the power cuts out. The Series offers up to three hours talk time simply by placing the handset on the base to provide battery power. Users are then able to make or receive calls from an additional handset.

In addition, the 672 Series features the the ‘Smart Top Key’. This multifunction button with an LED light is located at the top of the handset, and flashes to notify the receiver of the latest activity – such as a new message, text, alarm, an incoming call or missed call.

The Series has an extended recording feature, for voicemails of up to 40 minutes. The new advanced alarm clock feature allows selection of individual days when setting an alarm and can be set to snooze every five minutes up to five times.

One-Touch Eco Mode controls signal output and power consumption for improved energy efficiency.

KX-TG7652AZB $169.95
KX-TG7653AZB $209.95
KX-TG6721ALB $69.95
KX-TG6722ALB $99.95


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