Black Box For Car Accidents

  • Activates when engines starts
  • Comes in at under $200
  • Records in 720P

Australia’s Laser Corporation has unveiled its new Crash Cam black box recorder with GPS tracking. A new addition to the Navig8r Crash Cam HD category, the Crash Cam GPS is claimed to be the world’s smallest, high definition (HD) in-car digital video recording device featuring a GPS tracker.

The GPS tracker allows users to view recorded video footage, speed and location taken from anywhere in the world. It is a solution that provides a reliable and recorded eyewitness account in the event of a driving incident or car collision.

The Navig8r Crash Cam with GPS tracking captures continuous digital video and images in HD, as well as records GPS tracking information for closer scrutiny of events and the actual location of any incidents. Using the supplied tracking software on a PC, users can play back video (on the PC) to watch and analyse vehicle recordings. Images and information include location of travels via Google Maps, as well as latitude / longitude positions, altitude and actual speed of travel.

It has been designed for consumers and commercial users, reducing driver liability and assisting insurance companies, assessors and police in the reconstruction of events. Furthermore, it has a motion detector, so when it senses movement while the vehicle is stationary or parked, it starts automatically recording – perfect for witnessing “hit and run” offenders.

It automatically activates when starting the engine and stops when the car is switched off. The Navig8r Crash Cam with GPS tracking provides continuous loop recording on a Micro SD card with video in 720P HD in AVI format. Plus, with its built-in battery, users can choose to take it with them to take photos, rather than leaving it in the car.s

In addition to everyday Australian drivers, the device can be used in a commercial capacity by a variety of occupations and businesses including taxis, couriers and on-the-road sales reps, company vehicle fleets, car hire operators and car dealerships during test drives.


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