Bing Makes Slight Dent In Google, Gives Yahoo A Scare

Microsoft’s new search engine started off with a hiss and roar, and it settling down nicely

Statistics released in the US by StatCounter shows that in its initial roll-out, the new Bing search engine overtook Yahoo as the second most popular search engine in the US.

Its marketshare got up to 16.28 percent over Yahoo’s 10.22 percent in its first weeks before settling down to 9 percent, and Yahoo, 10.76 percent. Both companies were dwarfed by Google’s masive 77.94 percent share of the search engine market.

Globally, the company’s stats show that Bing has a slight lead (5.62 percent) over Yahoo (5.13 per cent), but again, both companies are miles behind Google’s worldwide domination of 87.62 percent.

“It is too early to say what the long term result will be but this is a creditable performance by Bing,” commented Aodhan Cullen, CEO StatCounter. “It remains to be seen what happens to Bing after user curiosity and the reported $100m advertising budget runs out.”