Bing launches images site- finally!

As they say-pictures are worth a thousand words and lets face it, the Net is a graphical communications technology, so Bing has finally launched an image search page which provides the most popular pictures on the web at any one given moment in time with a network of links to each one.

For example, if you are after say pictures of Angelina Jolie, you can go to Bing Images, put in Jolie’s name and then after all the images come up, you click on the featured image of the actress which will then bring users to a full page of Jolie photos, along with many other links to other graphic formats like videos.

Furthermore, users can search photos in various sizes, by size, layout, colour, style, related people and can also click to other tabs for web results or even news that also relate to the query.

In a nutshell, this is a far more advanced application than just clicking the images tab in Google and is really geared to those people that need or want just images for whatever they are searching for on the Internet.

But Bing is not the only search engine getting in on the images action, since rival search engine Google has been offering advanced image search options since last year, it looks like this functionality may well get some well-deserved upgrading over the next 12-18 months.