BenQ VA Panel Offer Deeper Blacks

  • Smart Focus application
  • Super Resolution enhances low-res images
  • Concealed speakers

VA Panel technology is about excellent colour reproduction, high contrast ratio and blacker blacks. BenQ says it latest VA Panel monitor meets these standards thanks to zero bright dot (ZBD) minimising light leakage giving dark scenes more detail and intensity. 

Clean, simple lines seamlessly integrating audio and visual dimensions of entertainment are claimed with the new EW2430V monitor, which is designed to support a variety of multimedia applications. 

It comes with a component (RCA) jack, headphone jack, audio line in and out, 2 X HDMI ports, and 1 X D-Sub and 1 X DVI-D to support various gaming devices and both analogue and digital signals.  A total of four USB ports are built-in ensuring all USB devices are accommodated permanently, allowing easy manoeuvring between DVD player, webcam, PC, iPod and gaming consoles.

Concealed within the screen design so as not to detract from the monitor’s aesthetic beauty are dual 2W speakers.  Good-looks aside, the EW2430V is equipped with numerous features adding convenience and enjoyment to its long list of credits.

“Smart Focus” is one such addition, allowing the user to highlight a viewing window drawing attention to a section of content for added impact.  “Super Resolution” increases the density of low resolution images, enhancing picture quality, while PIP / PBP enables the display of two different input sources simultaneously.  Automatic 3D noise reduction removes noise from the source to create advanced quality output while 3D De-interlace reduces cross-over interference flickers produced while incoming videos are in interlaced format for smooth, consistent video presentation.