BenQ Making Play For Marketshare

By Mike Wheeler

  • Nightvision camcorder with dual battery capability
  • 3D gaming monitors
  • Video recorder with built-in projector

BenQ has had a underscored presence in Australia, and is ramping up its presence in the monitor, handycam and projector markets.

Over the next six months it says it will be rolling out new products, which will not only have price points that will attract consumers, but quality, too.

Amongst the items they will be bringing to the table are new VA Cobra series of LED monitors of panels that the company says offers a lot sharper picture and more depth of field. During a practical demonstration in the BenQ offices, when compared to other monitors being sold by the company, it was easy to see the difference – cleaner pics, deeper colours and more details. These monitors also have an energy-saving component in that when you walk away from the unit, a sensor will power down the monitor. When you return, it takes about 30 seconds to ramp up again.

There will also be monitors with 3D capability designed to enhance gaming experiences, although the company is at pains to point out that this was only one of the features. “We see the 3D technology as but one aspect of [this range of] monitors,” says sales and marketing manager Simon Liu. “There is also the 120Hz refresh rate, and the screens are height adjustable.”

Also coming out is the S21 “nightvision” camcorder with its dual battery capability. What does this mean? As well as the rechargeable battery, there is room to put in two AA batteries if the rechargeable device runs out of oompf. Depending on the battery brand, BenQ says the AAs will be able to film full HD for about 90 minutes to two hours. It’s one of those ideas whereby you think to yourself, “why hasn’t somebody done this before?”

Finally, also on the horizon is the S11, which is the size of the mobile smartphone, which not only acts as an HD Camcorder, but also comes with a built-in Pico projector. It has a 3.5-inch LED touch screen and also has 10 different shooting modes.