BenQ Goes All The With VA

  • BenQ standarises VA LED panels
  • Energy-efficient models
  • Come in sizes from 21-5-27-inches

BenQ has decided to adopt Vertical Alignment (VA) LED panel technology across the range of its monitor line-up.  BenQ launched the world’s first VA LED monitor two years ago, and has now decided to extend VA LED panel technology across the monitor range,  providing consumers with a higher native contrast ratio to show true black and vivid colour surpassing other displays, says the company.

BenQ says that these monitors offer a visual performance with the sharpest details, the richest colours and the deepest blacks. Coupled with this, VA LED monitors are energy-efficient and eco-friendly, reducing power consumption and are manufactured mercury-free.

The range includes:

  • GW Series (Home and Office): for value-seekers looking to manage their needs for home and office use, such as web-surfing or handling administrative task. RRP: from $179 to $299 ( 21.5-inch / 24-inch / 27-inch )
  • VW Series: for those with an eye for fashion, a range that satisfies aesthetic demands. RRP: from $199 to $349 ( 21.5-inch /24-inch /27-inch )
  • EW Series (Multimedia): for heavy computer users seeking premium multimedia enjoyment with excellent visual image quality. RRP: from $279 to $399 (24-inch /27-inch )
  • BL Series (Ergonomic): for business seeking the most ergonomic solution to improve productivity and efficiency. RRP: from $399 BL2400PT

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