Battlestar Galactica game in the works

Battlestar Galactica has been a hit TV show from day one. Soon, it will have its first HD game based upon it, available for download only, on both the Xbox 360 and PC.

Based upon situations from the first two seasons of the show, the game will also have multiplayer options as well.

NBC Universal has enlisted Sierra Online to bring the first high-definition Battlestar Galactica videogame to fans this fall exclusively through digital distribution. The game will bypass retail and be available via paid download for Windows PC gamers and through Xbox Live Marketplace for Xbox 360 owners.

Ed Zobrist, president of Sierra Online, said the space combat videogame will include about nine levels of single-player missions revolving around key battles from the first two seasons of the show, as well as some new missions. There will also be over a dozen multiplayer maps that will allow up to 16 PC gamers and up to eight Xbox 360 players to team up in four-versus-four or eight-versus-eight battles as the Colonials or the Cylons.

“We’re capturing the essence of the show and the look and feel of the series as best we can,” said Zobrist. “We were on set to photograph the cockpits and hangar. We took audio that they use in the show for sound effects. We’re using the same color palette as the show. It’s going to be the best-looking game available on Xbox Live Arcade.”


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