Ballmer Bullish About Microsoft in 2010

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer pulls no punches during his opening address at CES 2010

With the Google Android mobile platform set to make inroads into the mobile O/S market in 2010, Microsoft CEO is wondering what all the fuss is about.

During his keynote speech at the opening of CES Ballmer took a swipe at his rivals by stating that both Windows Mobile and Windows 7 were both flexible enough to open up to new form factors, those both Google and Apple say are revolutionary. However, both the Microsoft O/S’s are not open source, which is Google’s main plank about the Andriod.

Also announced – to the cheers and hand clapping of journos present – is that the Project Natal game controller, mentioned at E3 this year is going to go into full swing production this year.

Microsoft’s President of Entertainment and Devices Division, Robbie Bach, also said that Halo will come out with a new title, Halo Reach, in the fall of 2010.