Australian Exclusive – Dell Releases the Adamo Notebook

CyberShack reviews the new Dell Adamo notebook in an Australian Exclusive.

Dell has sent us the first Adamo notebook PC to land in Australia. First impressions, this is a very cool machine. It’s sleek, it’s thin and it would be the envy of any funky art student who doesn’t want to have a macbook like everyone else in the class.

It could be said that the Adamo range is Dell’s 2009 attempt to look cool. Let’s face it, Dell is value, Dell is scaleable and configurable, Dell is functional – Dell are the number 2 PC maker in the world (formerly number 1) – but not necessarily known for cool product design. However, this machine just works.

Arriving in a sleek moulded plastic showcase, the Adamo screams “I am Beautiful, open me and start me up”. Flipping open the screen, it’s thin – really thin! – with a metal case that looks good and feels really strong. The Adamo is light to carry, but nothing more than say a Lenovo X300 or a Macbook Air.

The stand out feature of the notebook is the keyboard. Rule number one on a notebook, test the keyboard first. If you don’t like the keyboard, you won’t enjoy using the notebook. The keys are large, with a short throw to press down when typing.

I plan to put the Adamo through it’s paces over the weekend, ahead of Monday’s Today Show segment where I will discuss the machine further. Making sure you are watching Channel Nine from 6am when we will be talking about Twitter, plus more on the new Adamo range from Dell.

For now, here are the specs. I know, it is a nice machine.

Product Specifications:
Intel® Core 2 Duo processors with Intel® Centrino ® technology; DDR3 system memory; 13.4-inch 16:9 HD display; Draft-Wireless N; High-performance solid state drives standard Bluetooth 2.1; Mobile Broadband* option; Up to 5+ hours of battery life (preliminary)*** ; 2 USB ports; 1 USB/eSATA combo port; Display Port, RJ-45 port; Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium Edition SP1; 64-bit