ASUS bringing ZenWatch wearable and Intel-powered ZenPhone 2 to Australia

ASUS tonight told CyberShack that it will bring the ZenWatch, its first Android Wear smartwatch, to Australia in early quarter two (between April and June).

On a technical level, the ZenWatch doesn't quite distinguish itself from the plethora of Android Wear smartwatches currently announced or available. Its 1.63-inch display has the same 320×320 pixel resolution common in the category, 512MB of RAM and the typical 4GB of storage. However, ASUS has made use of premium materials such as a stainless steel body and a leather strap in terms of aesthetics. The ZenWatch is also IP55 dust and water-resistant.

ASUS' new wearable features a few custom additions to Android Wear. The biggest of these is ASUS' Wellness app, designed to track steps taken, calories burned, heart rate, exercise intensity and relaxation levels. The watch also features Find My Phone functionality and the can remotely control the paired smartphone's camera.

ASUS representatives were unable provide localised pricing, but its euro price of €199 converts to approximately AUD$283 based on the current exchange rate.

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