Apple’s next big announcement set for June 13

Apple's next big announcement is set for June 13 (likely June 14, AEST), as part of the company's Worldwide Developer Conference, more commonly referred to as WWDC. Apple has typically used the event's opening keynote to unveil major operating systems updates.

This year, iOS 10, a new version of OS X – which could potentially be named MacOS -, a new version of watchOS (for Apple Watch), and a new version of tvOS (for Apple TV) are all on the cards.

While rumours regarding Apple's new operating systems are typically scarce, iOS 10 looks like it will give users the ability to hide unwanted, undeletable system apps, and MacOS is set to bring Siri to Apple's range of notebooks and desktops.

On top of software updates, Apple may use this year's WWDC to lift the curtain on new MacBook Pro laptops, which are overdue for an update.

A new Apple Watch could also be on the horizon, but since the product is still a first generation device, there's very little precedent as to how often Apple will refresh it.

One product that almost certainly won't be unveiled is the iPhone 7; Apple has consistently unveiled its new flagship smartphones in September.

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