Apple’s App Store no longer calls apps “free”

If you've looked at the App Store on your iPhone or iPad lately, you might have noticed a change: Apple has stopped referring to apps as a free. While paid apps still list their price on the purchase button, "free" apps now simply say "Get".   These applications are still free to download, but may have in-app purchases.  

Apple has not officially made a statement as to why it has changed the wording used to designate "free" apps, but it is speculated that this is because many "free" applications feature in-app purchases. Earlier this year, Apple refunded customers USD$32.5 million to end a lawsuit over the ease of which children could spend real money on in-app purchases on the iPad and iPhone.

Google made a similar change to the Google Play Store earlier this year, scrubbing the word "free" from apps on offer.

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