Apple TV Remote app gets a redesign, makes entering passwords a thousand times easier

Apple has released a designed version of its Apple TV Remote app, optimised for the fourth-generation Apple TV. Compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, the new Apple TV Remote app allows users to control any Apple TV without the need for the dedicated physical remote.

When it comes to the fourth-generation Apple TV, the Apple TV Remote app replicates nearly all of the Siri Remote’s functionality on iOS devices, include touchpad navigation, gaming controls, and voice search. Notably, users are able to make use of their iOS device's keyboard when entering text (whether it’s a search query or password) on the Apple TV. This should be a welcome feature, given how time consuming the process can be.

The Apple TV Remote app will also work in the event that one loses their physical remote. A replacement Siri Remote for the fourth-generation Apple TV will set back customers AUD$129, whereas the app is available for free.

The redesigned Apple TV Remote app is available now through the App Store.

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