Apple TV—coming to an iPad near you?

There has been a lot of media hype about Apple products over the past 12 months.

Whether we are talking about the iPhone, the iPad or the new iPod, Apple knows how to generate publicity and work the media.

However, it also knows how to keep a secret.

Reports have been coming out that Apple has been working on adding its Apple TV function to all of its new mobile products.

In fact, if some of the reports are to believed, early next year we will celebrate the year of mobile Apple TV.

And what Apple has never made a big noise over is that Apple TV runs on iOS, the same operating system running on the iPhone, the iPod Touch and iPad.

Moreover, Apple recently released iOS 4.1 specifically for the Apple TV which has a new feature called AirPlay, which streams media from an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to the Apple TV.

So, if we consider that the iTunes Store already sells movies and the technology is now in place to run TV on any of the latest of Apple’s mobile devices, then its not a huge leap to work out that Apple will soon be selling pay-per-view TV to iPhone, iPod and iPad owners.

And in the latest developments, US bloggers have found out about an application from Apple called ‘Lowtide’, which is the software that is used by Apple TV set-top box’s media interface.

The suggestion is that ‘Lowtide’ is, as we speak, being extended to other iOS devices. But as usual, Apple has remained mum on the whole issue, which is only fuelling further speculation.

I guess we will all know by early 2011.