Apple TV available

APPLE has started shipping its Apple TV box, a gizmo that lets people take music, photos and video stored on a computer and play them on a television screen.

The small silver box with a white Apple logo costs $US299 ($372) and can store up to 50 hours of video, 9000 songs, 25,000 photos or a combination thereof. It is available this week at Apple’s online store, retail stores, and also from resellers.

In Australia, the unit is priced at $449.

Apple TV has garnered some positive early reviews, including one by Wall Street Journal technology columnist Walt Mossberg (a long-time Apple fan), who said the wireless box was easy to install and simple to use.

A remote control lets user watch movies or TV shows bought from Apple’s iTunes store, view photo slide shows, or listen to music.

One of the chief complaints is that the Apple TV does not – at least for now – record TV shows, which means it cannot replace digital video recorders like the TiVo popular in the US.

Over the past year, TV networks and movie studios have increasingly made their shows available online. That spurred a flurry of gadgets and services that connect the PC to the TV – including those from Microsoft, Sony and TiVo – but none has emerged as a clear winner.

Source: Australian IT

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