Apple Trying to Please Everyone

Apple has stirred a bit of a hornets nest with its deletion of 5,000 apps, but is it now dithering?

A recent story from Gizmodo showed a screen shot of an ‘explicit’ field that app suppliers could tick when uploading an application to Apple’s iTunes store. We assume this was so that potential buyers of the application would know that there were about to purchase something with adult content.

However, it now appears Apple has taken the option down. This would make sense due to the recent kerfuffle about the company ditching more than 5,000 applications because Apple deemed them not suitable for its online store.

What is intriguing – even annoying – is that Apple can’t seem to make up its mind whether to allow these types of applications. Is there some sort of inner war going on with the app management sector of Apple? Is there a rouge app anarchist within its development team, who keeps on getting cut off at the knees? Who knows? What is does show, is that Apple is indecisive as to what should be in its app store, and is obviously trying to keep PC to pander to a certain section of consumers. Apple needs to make its policy clear because at the moment it is coming across as indecisive and looking slightly befuddled.