Apple issues Beats Pill XL recall due to overheating battery

Apple today issued a voluntary product recall for its Beats Pill XL Bluetooth Speaker, suggesting that the speaker's battery may overheat and pose a fire safety risk. The Pill XL has been sold worldwide since January last year, and was designed and put to market before Apple acquired Beats.

In exchange for returning the speaker, Apple will provide Pill XL owners with AUD$415 in either Apple Store credit or as an electronic payment issued directly to the customer's bank account. This is AUD$15 above the speaker's retail price. After Apple collects the Pill XL, the refund process will take three to four weeks.

Since issuing the recall, Apple has stopped selling the Pill XL through its online store.

No other Apple or Beats products are effected by the recall.

Australian Beats Pill XL owners can submit a return request using this web form.

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