Apple CareKit enables you to manage your health

Apple today announced CareKit, a framework for apps that track health information.

Based on ResearchKit, a platform for medical research institutions to create apps for health research purposes, CareKit exposes tracking information to the user. A CareKit app could also connect to your GP, providing them with tracked data about medical conditions before and after medication, and over a period of time.

The data gathered by these apps could be used to help tailor treatments based on their responses to medication and other therapy.

Another usage example for this framework includes post-surgery recovery – instead of being discharged with a simple sheet of paper, recovery needs could be tracked by the app – providing it with information such as bandage changing frequency, range of motion measurements and temperature readings.

Like ResearchKit, CareKit will be open source and only the user decides with whom their information is shared.

CareKit launches with an app for Parkinson’s disease tracking in April.

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