Apple Bans Developer

Prolific App Developer Perfect Acumen has been banned from producing products for the iPhone

Pakistan-based Perfect Acumen has produced more than 900 applications for the iPhone, but no more. Company founder Khalid Shaikh has received a notice from Apple telling him that his company will no longer be allowed to put apps in the store, and those that were up there have already been taken down.

Apparently there are third-party licensing issues with about 100 applications, with Apple receiving complaints about breech of copyright. Interestingly, most of these apps had spent – in some cases – up to six weeks being vetted by Apple, and then approved.

Some pundits are wondering aloud about the Apple approval system being a little broken allowing so many apps through with copyright issues hanging over them. Instead of taking the apps issue by issue, the Silicon Valley-based leviathan has decided to cut all ties.

No word from Shaikh about how he feels about this, but you can bet there are some other developers out there feeling a bit nervous having passed the initial vetting process.