Apple Backtracking on Apps?

Apple’s attitude towards developers might be changing – for the better.

As recently pointed out in a story two weeks ago Apple is not doing application developers any favours, but now there seems to be change in the air.

After having a bi-polar attitude towards developers – rejecting, then accepting, or accepting or rejecting peoples’ efforts, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing Phil Schiller has been trying to woo some developers back. How? By visiting blogs that complain about apps that have been tossed and then finding out who the developers are and getting them back on board.

A cynic would say that they are only reacting to most other smartphone manufacturers opening up app stores and realising that their competition are all getting some really good apps that Apple has nixed.

While most developers are happy to see that a senior executive from the company is trying to mend fences, other developers are still getting their app rejected. Maybe Schiller should have a company workshop with the staff responsible for accepting/rejecting applications?