App Aims To Increase Retail Sales

  • App supported by 1000 stores
  • Connects retailers with Consumers
  • Retailers must offer discount

Australian social and mobile technology company FiveO has launched the FiveO App, a mobile retail platform that is designed to deliver customers through the door, increase sales and help retailers build customer loyalty through Facebook and the mobile market.

Available on Apple and Android devices, the FiveO App will connect retailers with consumers through discounts in exchange for ‘liking’ their store on Facebook using their smart phone.

A retailer will offer a minimum 5 percent discount to consumers, who will be able to see a list of stores in the area they are in, ‘like’ and ‘check-in’ to the store on Facebook via the App and receive the discount.

The App is claimed to be supported by more than 1000 stores across Sydney along with a host of cafes, bars and restaurants.

When users ‘Like’ or ‘Check-in’ to a store on Facebook, they become brand advocates of that store, and further promote the store to hundreds of their ‘Friends’ through their own Facebook news feed. Retailers will now have the ability to talk to their Facebook fans on a daily basis through their own promotional methods.

The App will be available on a free three month trial for retail stores, before a monthly fee of $19 per store applies. Stores will be in full control of the discounts they provide, and for which of their stores they provide them for, by logging into the FiveO website.

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