Android Q becomes Android 10 with new naming scheme

Over the years, it’s been fun to speculate on what delicious treat the next version of Android will be named after. The scrumptious naming scheme is coming to an end though, with the latest version, Android Q, now being officially named Android 10.

Google says the dessert-based names could prove confusing for non-English speaking users due to different alphabets. Whether or not that’s a cop-out for being unable to find a suitable dessert starting with Q remains unanswered.

Future Android beta versions will still be referred to by letter internally, but upon release they will transition to a number scheme.

Along with the new title, Android 10 brings new branding to the operating system as well, with a few new colours, a new title font and a revamped cartoon droid.

Google execs say the new typeface and branding make the logo more suitable for a wider range of screen types and resolutions.

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