Android Pay now live in Australia

Android owners are now able to use their smartphone to make contactless payments thanks to the local launch of Android Pay. While Android Pay's Australian launch trails that of Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, Google's posse of partnered financial institutions easily out numbers the competition. Android Pay is compatible with cards from 28 financial institutions (including ANZ, American Express, and Macquarie) whereas Apple Pay and Samsung Pay are both only compatible with cards from two.

Android Pay is Google's latest take on a mobile-centric payment solution. After a user downloads Android Pay from the Google Play store, and pops their credit or debit card details into the app, they're able to pay at any contactless terminal simply by waking their phone, and tapping it on the card reader. Much like Apple Pay, Android Pay provides merchants with a virtual account number rather than a user's actual card details. Android Pay will require users to enter their PIN for transactions over AUD$100.

Notably, Android Pay is compatible with any NFC-enabled Android smartphone running KitKat or better.

Android Pay works with Visa, MasterCard, and American Express cards. The following financial institutions are supporting Android Pay at launch: ANZ, American Express, Bank Australia, Bank of Syndey, Beyond Bank Australia, CAPE Credit Union Limited, Central West Credit Union Limited, Community First Credit Union, EECU Limited, First Option Credit Union, Goulburn Murry Credit Union, Holiday Coast Credit Union, Horizon Credit Union, Intech Credit Union, Laboratories Credit Union, The Mac, Macquarie, Mystate Bank, Northern Inland Credit Union, People’s Choice Credit Union, QT Mutual Bank, Queenslanders Credit Union, The Rock, South West Slopes Credit Union, Sydney Credit Union, Teachers Mutual Bank, WAW Credit Union, Woolworths Employees' Credit Union, Wyong Shire Credit Union. 

Bendigo Bank and ING Direct will also support Android Pay shortly.

Android smartphone owners will also be able to use Android Pay to make purchases within a number of apps. Catch of the Day, Deliveroo, Domino's, HotelTonight, Jetstar, and Kogan will be adding support in the next couple of days.

The Android Pay app can be downloaded here.

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