An extra band for your Apple Watch could cost as much as AUD$679

In addition to announcing the pricing for Apple Watch, Apple today revealed the cost of buying an additional band for its smartwatch.

An extra fluoroelastomer (Apple's choice of synthetic rubber) strap will cost AUD$79, leather bands and Milanese loops are both sold at AUD$229, and a premium grade of leather with a larger buckle strap is priced at AUD$379. At the high-end Apple has the stainless steel link bracelet available for AUD$679. While the link bracelet's price might seem expensive, Apple claims each band is made up of over 100 individual parts, and that it takes nearly nine hours to cut them.

The price for straps are the same whether they're compatible with the 38mm model or 42mm model.

Apple is yet to confirm whether or not third parties will be able manufacture straps for the Apple Watch, but CyberShack expects to see them either way.

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